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Z983 water-based dry coated adhesive

This product is modified acrylic emulsion. It has the advantages of good initial adhesive force and final bonding force, good leveling, good deinking effect, quick drying speed and high cost performance. It can be adapted to most processing requirements of the rear process. For a variety of printing surface adaptability, can completely dissolve lithography printing powder, improve the printing surface smoothness.
Matrix: modified acrylic copolymer emulsion
Appearance: Milky blue phase liquid
Viscosity: conventional type 100-500 CPS (25 DEG C); low viscosity type 50-100 CPS (25 DEG C)
Solid content: 41 + 1%
Effective content: 44 + 1% (total amount of solid content and volatile effective substances)

PH value: 8 + 2

Implementation standards:
HG/T 4362-2012
Mainly used for paper, printing and BOPP, PET film drying, dry type composite (not used for embossing and embossing).