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Z984 waterborne laminating adhesive

This product is modified acrylic copolymer emulsion. It has excellent bonding strength, good leveling, high brightness and quick drying after compounding. It has wide temperature range, good freeze-thaw stability, simple process, convenient operation and environmental protection. The use of high firmness and smoothness, no film, no glue. It can be adapted to most processing requirements. Can deal with all kinds of more complex after processing requirements, improve the flatness of printing surface; for a variety of printing surface can be directly pressed, can be on-line slitting.
Matrix: modified acrylic copolymer emulsion
Appearance: milky liquid
Viscosity: 500-2000 CPS (25 DEG C)
Effective content: 45 + 2%

PH value: 7 + 2

Implementation standards:
HG/T 4362-2012
1., mainly used in paper, printing and BOPP, PET film drying, dry type composite;
2., the gold and silver products are better adaptability, and even can deal with gray cards, white cardboard and all kinds of surface loose material.